Company Profile

50°  ANNIVERSARY 1971-2021


The POLOPLAST  company it was created from Mr. Giuseppe Polo the 1971, and today the management is continued from the sons Lorenzo e Claudia.

The company has continued to specialize itself every sort of fiberglass tanks, of almost any size and for, for breeding and trasporting all sort of live fish, providing also system for oxygenation and/ or aereation, according the any customer 's necessety and requirement.
In spite of the recent crisis of aquaculture in Europe, mainly due to the competition of new rising countries with lower costs of production, the POLOPLAST company has been able to increase its activity, not only in European countries, mainly Spain, France Holland and Germany, in the last years Rep. Ceca, Serbia, Croazia and Romania,   also outside Europe, with particular success in tanks for the tansporting of live fish.
These tanks are completely in fibergass and all the materials are special for transportation of all sorts of fish, and permit hygienical clean of the in side and outside surfaces.
They quarantee a high isothermal power thanks to a due thinckness and isolation of the walls, both in summer and in winter.
They are available in large range of size and forms, and can be adapted to any nesessity and requirement.

THE NEW introdruced from a few years is the inclination on the bottom, important both for the best going out of the fish, and of to simplify the manoeuvring of the operetor during the discherged.

Moreover, various solutions are offered for the equipments, either stainless steel or not, typesand location of doors, special capsfor the doors on the top, preventing losses of water in curves or slopes, chutes for unloading the fish, ect.
They are often also fitted on the trailers directly at POLOPLAST, by experienced collaborators, able to supply all necessary equipments for air or oxygen, pumps, electrical or diesel engines, ranger oxygen bottles with all the fittings needed for working perfectly.
Recently, also an indipendent equipment for changing water is very often requested by client.
These tanks can trasport all sotrs of live fish in any temperature and lenght of time. Inthis activity of POLOPLAST is also devoted to the building of large tanks for breeding or stocking ail sorts of fishes, and they can be rectangular, circular, square
or conical: together with them, a due range of trasparent fiberglass feders, for fish farming.